Cultrual Humility Training

Training with a restroative justice and cultural humility approach. Providing hands on learning to better understand the issues most affecting trans and queer youth.

TQYC offers cultural humility training for organizations and business to build knowledge and understanding around trans and queer youth issues.

More about this service

TQYC offers trainings and Brave Spaces for organizations interested in expanding their understanding of the issues most important to trans and queer youth. LBGTQ2S+ youth, especially those of color, face many barriers and disparities because of their identity. Often, they lack access to affirming care and resources, and because of their minor status, they often lack the support they need to use resources that can enhance their lives. TQYC believes every youth should have access to community and resources that are affirming. Our training goal is to provide in-depth, informative spaces where people can be brave in exploring trans and queer youth’s needs and challenges. These trainings offer a unique experience of learning and a hands-on approach to providing care to LBGTQ2S+ youth.

Trainings offered include

  • Trans & Queer 101
  • Trans 101
  • Trans and Queer Youth Mental Health
  • Trans and Queer Students
  • QTBIPOC Mental Health
  • Intersectionality and LBGTQ2S+
  • And more

Pricing of Training

Our Statement on providing services

TQYC recognizes the need for these trainings and that it has become popular in society to hold cultural humility trainings. We also recognize that most of the time the labor of educating the general public, and more specifically cishet white people, falls on the backs of Black and Brown folx. We recognize how exhausting this can be for those who are already struggling to simply be accepted in the dominant cultures. We do not say this to be combative, simply to acknowledge that even while Black and Brown folx are continuing to fight for equity and liberation they are expected to educate and change the hearts and minds of their oppressors. With this said TQYC is an organization led by Black, Trans, and Queer professionals. Because we recognize the emotional labor trainings like this have on the trainer, we have chosen to request a fee of $750 for the first hour and an additional $100 per 30 minutes after that. We acknowledge this may be steep for some organizations, but we affirm that people should be paid for their emotional, intellectual, and physical labor.

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