Youth Support

TQYC supporst youth through in-person events and regular care packages.

*due to the covid-19 pandemic most services are currently being offered virtually. We will resume in-person services based on federal, state, and local safety directions.

Community Events

TQYC attends community events to provide affirming spaces for trans and queer youth to gather. The goal is to provide resouces and information and access to affirming items (pronoun stickers, lgbtq+ items, etc…)

Care Packages

Care Packages for youth have become a special part of TQYC. Providing youth with affriming care packages throughout the year is one of TQYC’s favorite activities.


TQYC provides advocacy support to youth. Whether it family advocacy, school, legal or community; tqyc is there to help youth advocate for themselves and thier needs.

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