Trans & Queer Youth Collective provides a safe space for youth who do not otherwise have an opportunity to receive services.
From basic needs assessments and health-care resource linkage to providing gender-affirming mental health services and LGBTQ+ education, TQYC provides the opportunity to create a chosen family and build a community of support.


In 2018, Julie started a therapy group for teenagers questioning their gender and sexuality. The six members met each week for eight months in a tiny Fair Oaks therapy office. This was the only group of its kind in the area, and some members drove over 45 minutes each to attend.

It became necessary to evolve with the needs of the group and make it possible for friends and the greater community to join. In order to continue growing, it was no longer an option to bill the insurance of the original group members and TQYC became a free public group run on a voluntary basis.

It was at that time that Daniel became involved to provide a gender centered approach to the existing structure of the group, as well as provide additional support in group facilitation. Julie and Danny’s roles expanded to case managers, youth directors, healthcare advocates, tutors, crisis respondents, and in some cases, the only source of support. 

TQYC is committed to building a safe haven where trans and queer youth have the resources to overcome adversity and grow into their most beautiful, thriving, authentic selves.


Julie Strathdee, MFTA (She/Her)
Mental Health Director
Queer identified, Julie holds an MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology and has worked as a youth director and a Marriage and Family Therapist in school districts, community mental health agencies and private practice. 

Daniel Buffington (He/They)
Trans & Queer Advocacy Coordinator

Transgender and Queer identified, Danny holds a degree in Social Work and Gender Studies with work experience in the K-12 school system as the dedicated staff person for the LGBTQ+ Support Services program and mental health and health insurance advocate.


In June of 2019 the Sacramento non-profit Gender Health Center partnered with TQYC offering fiscal sponsorship as a 501(c)3 and broadening awareness of the group through a new network of referrals. TQYC has established a Board of Advisers with a range of folks within the community to help guide the group in its next phases of growth.

You have the power to create lasting support and wellness for Trans and Queer youth!

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